"Creating a New Tomorrow"




  • Neve WIZO:

    Neve WIZO provides a warm home and substitute family for children who have been removed from their family homes by court order. There are five homes each with house-parents who provide the children with a healthy life, rehabilitative care and as normal a life as possible.

  • WIZO Day-Care Centres:

    WIZO day-care centres provide care for hundreds of children with working mothers, new immigrants and children from problematic families. In the most important formative years of their development and personality, the children receive education, enrichment and care.

  • Beit Halochem:

    Beit Halochem Centers in Israel provides a place where wounded soldiers and victims of terror can participate in sports and related activities suited to their individual disabilities. Each center ranges in size from 5,500 square meters to 10,000 square meters. Sports programs make a major contribution to successful rehabilitation by maintaining the members' physical fitness and preventing deterioration of their health.  

  • Ironi Cariera:

    Ironi Cariera is a diagnostic treatment and rehabilitation centre where delinquent youth from dysfunctional homes are referred. The youth are taught basic vocational skills in many fields. A team of professionals attend to the psychological and emotional needs prevalent amongst these teenagers.


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