WIZO South Africa is dedicated to improving the life of women and children in Israel and promoting Zionism and love for the Jewish State.


We do this through education and fundraising initiatives that allow us to support our WIZO Day Care Centres and Foster Family Centre in Israel. Through funds raised by Membership, Campaign and Events, WIZO SA is honoured to be a vessel of hope, turning lives around and creating brighter futures.





This project consists of 5 family homes for children who have been removed from their homes by court order. Each home has 8 children and house-parents who provide the children with a health lifestyle, love and rehabilitative care. The children live in a very nurturing environment and receive the therapy they need to help them move beyond their problems.

Every year, tens of thousands of claims are filed in Israeli courts relating to child neglect or physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Tens of thousands of these children are removed by the authorities from dangerous and life-threatening situations.

Without intervention, these children might fall victim to their circumstances. Continued under-nutrition, lack of attention, neglect, or worse will prevent them from receiving and achieving what they need in order to succeed in life and have a bright future.

WIZO is determined to not allow difficult circumstances to define the rest of a child’s life. To give these children what they need to succeed, WIZO created Neve WIZO, a long-term foster family home for children aged 4-18. Children enter the programme by court order and undergo a process of emotional, psychological and educational evaluations to determine their needs.

Married couples are employed as foster parents and provide a warm and stable environment for the children. Placed in the midst of a loving home and having supportive adults to guide them through life’s milestones gives the children hope and courage to overcome past hardships and reach their full potential.

The fostering couples are guided by a professional support team including a psychologist, social workers, and various therapists. Neve WIZO is unique in that it cares for these children from childhood to adulthood and provides everything they need physically, academically, emotionally and socially to become healthy, responsible, functioning adults.


WIZO SA supports and raises funds for the Inez Bernstein Day Care Centre (DCC) in Tel Aviv.

The day-care facilities are for working mothers, new immigrants and children from disadvantage families as well as ordinary Israeli citizens. The children receive the education, enrichment, nutrition and care they need.

In their formative years, the children receive the education, enrichment and care they need. The day-care facilities have an excellent reputation in the country as being the best-run nursery schools and day-care centres.

Special programmes have been designed to teach parents how to take care of their babies and older children as well as teaching them how to prepare nutritional meals for their families. Some day-care facilities also have a special section which caters to the needs of autistic children.

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