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Shelley Trope-Friedman, President of WIZO SA, shares a meaningful message for Rosh Hashana 5782

This past year has been one of many trials and hardships and as we prepare to celebrate Rosh Hashana and begin our Jewish new year, it is important that we take stock of all that has gone before. As we look at the past and analyze the negative and the positive, we must look forward and as we look forward we must choose to do so with hope.

Hope is a word tossed around very loosely but what does it really mean? To truly hope is to conceive of things turning out differently from how they might, to believe in the possibility of a positive outcome, often in the absence of any evidence. It is the one thing that can help get us through the darkest of times. The Tanach teaches us that hope deferred can make the heart sick and it is my prayer that we will find the strength we need to always keep hope alive in our hearts so that our hearts remain healthy and strong…..and not ‘sick’. Let us take every breath as a new moment and let the new moment be filled with hope for a fruitful and sweet future.

Shimon Peres, a former President and Prime Minister of the State of Israel, once said, ‘’There is no expert on what will be and yet, without knowing the future, I remain a man full of hope’’. For someone who had a political career in Israel spanning 70 years, he was indeed highly qualified in understanding the true value and deep necessity of living with hope.

I know that through the Covid pandemic many of our own hopes have been dashed and it is understandable to feel overwhelmed by the world’s brokenness. So, this Rosh Hashana of 5782, with the Gates of Heaven open, let’s fill our hearts with faith in HaShem and remember that hope is future focused at the positive. With this powerful human quality we can succeed to overcome adversity as is so perfectly summed up in the words of Israel’s national anthem HaTikvah – The Hope.

Shana Tovah U’metukah – wishing you a year of good health, sweetness and, of course, of hope.

Love Shelley

Shelley Trope-Friedman
President, WIZO South Africa


Wherever in the world we are, we pray towards Jerusalem, the spiritual center of our Jewish world. It has been that way since time immemorial.
Jerusalem Day (Yom Yerushalayim) commemorates the reunification of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War in 1967. We celebrate it on the 28th of Iyar in the Jewish calendar.
Following the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, Jerusalem was divided, with the eastern side falling under Jordanian control. On the third day of the Six-Day War in June 1967, the Israeli army captured the ancient eastern part. It was a victory that marked the first time in thousands of years that all Jerusalem came under Jewish control. It also allowed Jews access to the holiest parts of the city, especially the Kotel, a remnant of the ancient Temple.
And today, as ever, we pray for peace.



WIZO Johannesburg 2018/2019 | Annual Report




World WIZO kicked off the 2019 MOR (Meeting of Representatives) with a warm, lively, and emotional opening event tonight at the WIZO Gan Vanof Youth Village in Petach Tikva. The evening featured performances by students of WIZO's schools and youth villages from across the country. Both current students and graduates shared touching stories about how WIZO has changed their lives. The evening concluded with the MOR chaverot joining the students for some lively singing and Israeli dancing. The MOR is off to a wonderful start!







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WIZO Johannesburg 2017/2018 | Giving is the Story with a Happy Ending






It was an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to travel to Israel with my daughter Ora and her best friend Noa for a special mother-daughter trip to celebrate their upcoming bat mitzvahs.
The girls were inspired by so many of their experiences in Israel, the highlight being part of the 50th year celebrations in Jerusalem over Yom Yerushalayim.
In South Africa it is common for bat mitzvah girls to take upon themselves a chesed project.
Our girls decided they wanted to do something for children and having been exposed to the incredible work that WIZO is involved in, we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to take them to a day care centre in Israel.
The visit was extremely meaningful and our girls were able to tour the centre and interact with the teachers and the children. They were surprised to see that both Jewish and Muslim teachers worked side by side and that children of all colours and religions are accepted, loved and cared for. The staff were warm and welcoming and take great pride in their work. It gave us a great sense of pride to see the placards showcasing the South African donors who have generously contributed towards the upgrades in the day-care centre and continue to support WIZO Programmes.
Working in an environment where I am constantly dealing with negative perceptions on Israel, often hearing Israel being compared to “Apartheid”, I stood in this WIZO centre feeling angry that the world is not exposed to the truth – that Israelis, Muslims, Jews and Christians live side by side and deal with the same common issues that most societies are exposed to- poverty, abuse, broken families. WIZO centres all over Israel assist both children and their parents, no matter what their race or religion and play an important role in the upliftment of their surrounding communities.
Israel is truly a rainbow nation, a democracy - just like South Africa and I was grateful that I could showcase this to my daughter –the next generation of powerful Jewish woman who will continue our legacy of chesed, tzedokka and tikkun olam. I look forward to launching this fundraising project with Ora and hopefully making a small contribution to this special place that made an imprint on our hearts.
Thank you to the WIZO team both in South Africa and Israel for your tireless work in supporting and running these centres and for allowing us to share in your success.
Nicci Raz
National Director SA Zionist Federation




Irrespective of the politics that are making headline news around the world, WIZO aligns itself with the rights and issues that affect all women like abortion rights and sexual discrimination.

WIZO Johannesburg 2016/2017 | this is our story




Become a WIZO Wonder Women




Women at forefront of activism in WIZO Conference (January 2016)

01/14/2016 14:42
WIZO members from 40 countries to gather in Tel Aviv for quadrennial event.
WIZO members from 40 countries to gather in Tel Aviv for quadrennial event.
Over 700 members of the Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) will gather next week for the 26th World WIZO EGM (Enlarged General Meeting) Conference in Tel Aviv.The upcoming EGM will take place between the 17th and 21st of January at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, with the theme of "Women Leading Change" and in celebration of the organization's 95th anniversary. The women, known as chaverot [female friends], are leading figures in their respective Jewish communities, and will act as representatives of some of WIZO's 250,000 volunteers worldwide. They will arrive from 40 different countries, including: the US, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa.

“WIZO's demonstration of female power delivers a clear and unequivocal message about the place of women at the forefront of action as leaders of the Zionist and Jewish ethos,” said Professor Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson of the World WIZO Executive ahead of the conference.

The WIZO EGM convenes once every four years, in Israel, in order to present and debate essential issues on Israeli and Jewish agendas, including: the status of women in the State of Israel and Zionist institutions, the status of women worldwide, the narrowing of social gaps, empowering at-risk communities, and deepening the connection between Israeli and international youth.

At the conference, WIZO sets out its policies and platform for the coming four years, in the fields of education, welfare, and the status of women as well as features elections for World WIZO's president, chairperson of the executive committee and the executive committee itself.

The WIZO representatives will take part in a wide array of discussions, lectures and workshops as part of the EGM and will hear from leading figures in the political, business and social spheres.

Among the subjects of the workshops and panel discussions will be issues such as: dealing with anti-Semitism and the de-legitimization of Israel, advocacy for Israel, Israel's current economic and social challenges, cultivating leadership, the status of the woman in Israel in light of the current wave of governmental and institutional sexual harassment, gender inequality, and fundraising in the age of a financial crisis.

The conference will also hold a "farewell ceremony" marking the end of the tenure of World WIZO President Tova Ben Dov, whose WIZO career spans 51 years and includes a range of volunteer and executive positions.

“WIZO continues to situate itself as the most meaningful Zionist organization for Jewish women in Israel and the world,” said Ben Dov.

“Only with the activity of our international federations spread across the globe, which do sacred work on a volunteer-only basis, can WIZO be a serious and life-changing therapeutic and educational agent for the different populations in need of its services,” she said.

She added: “There's still a lot of work to be done; we have a long way to go in the fields of women's empowerment, educational equality, family welfare, supporting weak communities, and strengthening connections with worldwide Jewry."

UPDATE on Neve WIZO – WIZO South Africa’s special project in Herzlia (May 2015)

After many teething problems with the alterations to the house, finally all is going well. The house is comfortable and now feels like a home. It still needs a few decorative items like pictures on the walls. The house parents Tammy and Boaz have settled in nicely, and there are now 4 children in the house who are doing well. The ages of the children are: 6, 7, 9 and 10. Three boys and a girl, of which a boy and girl are siblings (Ethiopian).

WIZO South Africa mourn the passing of Rhebe Tatz

WIZO South Africa mourn the passing of Rhebe Tatz a resident of Savyon Lodge in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Rhebe Tatz was an ardent Zionist and President of Zimbabwe Women’s Zionist Council which fell under the umbrella of WIZO South Africa. In her capacity as President she attended WIZO conferences in South Africa. Sadly the organisation no longer exists in Zimbabwe due to a sharp decline in the Jewish population. She will be fondly remembered MHDSRIP.


Dear Friends,

"Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use" ~ Ruth Gordon, American actress

The International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women declared by the UN in 1999, is commemorated worldwide on November 25 to raise awareness of the fact that women around the world are subject to violence in all different forms, be it physical, mental, sexual or financial.

Despite increased public awareness of the matter, violence against women is still a prevalent phenomenon that crosses socioeconomic, racial and religious borders. Ending this violence is central to our efforts to empower women and girls, and to build stronger, fairer, more inclusive and stable societies. It is up to everyone to play their part; women’s rights are not only women’s business. Men and boys also need to take their place as partners in this battle. We all must work together to fight gender-based violence and the abuse of power in all of its forms.

With warm regards,

Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division.
World WIZO.





Hannah Rome donated money towards the Neve WIZO project initiated by Saul Dozetos from King David Linksfield

National Reading Week at WIZO Day Care Centre (extract from Jerusalem Post 05/06/2014)

Culture and Sport Minister Limor Livnat kicked off National Reading Month at a Women’s International Zionist Organization daycare center in Tel Aviv on Thursday, reading to a group of young preschool children.

“It is important to provide inspiration for parents to sit with their children and encourage them to read and even to learn to hold a book at a young age,” Livnat told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Livnat, who has young grandchildren of her own, read the Israeli classic A Tale of five Balloons, followed by The Lion that Loves Strawberries, one of the children’s favorites.

“My hope is that these children will develop a lifelong love and desire for reading,” said Livnat.

The minister read to the children at the daycare center as part of the nationwide “More books – less screen time” campaign launched by WIZO during National Reading Month to promote reading among children and their families.

“Children today have become passive, sitting in front of the television or their iPhones as opposed to spending quality time with their families,” said World WIZO president Tova Ben-Dov.

“We want to encourage the parents to take the time and sit down with their kids and read a book or have a conversation.”

According to Ben-Dov, children at WIZO daycare centers are “flooded” with books all year round so that they can develop a love of reading from an early age.

The women’s organization spends a great deal of funds and efforts to train their educators to provide the children and their families with added- value schooling. Children at the daycare center partake in weekly activities from yoga to dance and movement to develop their motor abilities, as well as English lessons and basic computer tutorials.

“We are not just babysitters, we like to think that we provide education for the entire family,” Ben-Tov said.

The classes, activities, and staff at the WIZO daycare center in Tel Aviv, as with the majority of the organization’s daycare centers across the country, are widely sought after by parents.

According to Hassida Danai, chairwoman of the Early Age Division at WIZO, there are some 500 children trying to enroll in the Tel Aviv daycare center alone – though only 50 spots are available.

“We are currently working around the clock,” said Danai, who explained that registration for the next school year was underway. “We are overwhelmed with the amount of families that want to enroll their children [in WIZO daycare centers] – every year there are more and more people but very few spots remain.”

To date, the organization operates some 180 daycare centers across the country for around 14,500 children.

“The Economy Ministry promised 600 new daycare centers, but only seven were built,” explained Ben-Tov. “There is a lack of daycare centers and the Economy Ministry wants to encourage women to go to work – but how can you do this without the facilities?” According to Ben-Tov, “the ministry must build more facilities to help working mothers,” who would otherwise have to send their children to the alternative – expensive private daycare facilities, which often provide fewer services at double the cost.

“Not only for the mothers, I see how the children open up and flourish here, they are happy and we embrace them and teach them and want only the best [for them],” said Ben-Tov.

MK Livnat kicks off National Reading Month at WIZO day care center in Tel Aviv


WIZO South Africa’s Campaign left many households talking about WIZO and its guest speaker Dr Bernd Wollschlaeger who filled halls to capacity in 5 cities in 5 days country wide.
Having such large audiences, both men and women, enabled WIZO South Africa to promote WIZO’s work and the South African projects we support in Israel and to raise much needed funds in order to continue supporting them.
In a whirlwind visit for WIZO South Africa Dr Wollschlaeger’s riveting and admirable personal story of courage and conviction as a young man to seek change from the values and ideology he felt were wrong, touched everyone who attended.
Dr Wollschlaeger’s father was an elite tank officer in the Wehrmacht and received the Knight’s Cross for bravery and leadership from Adolf Hitler. Bernd disagreed vehemently with his father’s beliefs and spoke about his journey of discovery and healing which led him ultimately to convert to Judaism and serve in the IDF. He left Germany for Israel after completing his medical degree in 1987. Today he practices as a family physician in Miami, Florida, where he was awarded family doctor of the year by the Florida Academy of Family Physicians in 2012.

What was most meaningful and relevant were his messages: Firstly; Do not hate - the damage that hate language causes, the world has suffered and is still suffering the consequences of hate. Do not re-live the mistakes of the past; rather use the past as a guide to better your future. “Things changed for me, because I wanted to find out the truth about my history. I dealt with the past and learned from it before I could move forward and past it.”
Secondly; what can influence and effect change in one’s life – the acceptance and embrace by a stranger, a holocaust survivor, who enabled him to change his life.
These messages where so appropriate for WIZO’s work as WIZO reaches out to Children and Women in their most challenging times, embracing them, giving them hope and the opportunity for a better future.

The capacity crowd of men and women, who attended, these functions, did not leave disappointed. The events began with a visual display of WIZO History and work and the short film about Mel a student of WIZO Nir Haemek, one of the many Israeli teenagers whose life has been turned around by WIZO.

The importance of the WIZO Campaign and the recipients of its fundraising efforts were explained. WIZO’s determination and driving force is to change the lives of children, youth and women at risk in Israel. WIZO South Africa is the realization of Zionist women’s love for ERETZ Yisrael by preserving the past, providing for the present and guaranteeing the future and as a result, WIZO’s work is never complete.

Tamar Lazarus President WIZO South Africa asked audiences to open their hearts, fill in the pledge cards and donate generously towards various WIZO projects so that WIZO can ensure a brighter future and Turn A Life Around for so many needy people in Israel.


Please see Gallery for photos of individual events


To the whole WIZO team,

I was privileged to win this ticket to Israel. Thank you Gran and Auwa z”l for getting me the WIZO certificate for my Batmitzvah.

What a great opportunity. . Avital Blumenthal arrived Thursday morning to take my mom and I to see two WIZO projects in Israel.

They were both very amazing to see.

The first place I went to was not a foster home but like a foster home called Neve WIZO in Herzlia- where kids who's parents aren't able to look after them live. Their parents may be on drugs or mentally unwell etc and then the court has to say if they need to go to these homes.they are aged 3-18.
There were 4 houses next to each other . Each home had about 8 kids living there . In these homes there are loving caregivers who ‘parent’ these kids. They get to have a home with smells of home cooked meals and love and discipline- just like normal other families do. We were told that the kids see their own parents once a week! I saw at this place how WIZO would give them money for food for the kids and maybe clothes , therapy and any thing the kids may need! They told us about all the things WIZO South Africa give to this project in order to make theses kids lives better. It was amazing to see exactly where the money we give Wizo in South Africa goes to.

The second place we went to was a day care centre called Chorley DCC in Kfar Saba. This is where parents drop their kids off for the whole day and the kids get fed and get taught , sleep and have fun! At this day care centre there were also Russian and Ethiopian kids. They told us they even have Arab helpers living that area, who work there. They were all dancing around for Yom Haatzmaut when we arrived- even the arab helpers.I think it's amazing how this day care centre caters for all types of people. The kids were having so much fun. They showed me the playground that WIZO South Africa had donated.The kids looked so happy.

It was one of the highlights of my trip to Israel.
I feel very lucky to have a home and grateful to have a loving family.
WIZO - you do great work. keep it up.
Thank you Avital for shlepping us around.
I hope one day to be able to help make such a difference like you guys do.
Nurit Joselowsky
South Africa
Yom Haatzmaut 2014


WIZO Johannesburg and the UJW hosted a wonderful pre-Pesach function at Ohr Somayach, Savoy. After shopping for great goodies and viewing the amazing display of Pesach Judaica, the ladies were treated to a lovely talk and display of two themes for Yomtov table decor by Margo Segal. Then, Rebbetzin Wendy Hendler spoke about the important role that women played in the Pesach story, relating their experiences to our lives today. Sarah Sassoon and Andy DaCosta then took centre stage and, with flair and fun, demonstrated a wide variety of Sephardi dishes to spice up any Pesach table. The morning ended on a high with a delicious tea, prepared by Ilana Markowitz, and tasting of all the demonstrated dishes. CLICK HERE FOR RECIPES ...



Beit Halochem bikes upgraded


WIZO leadership meets with Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu

SAUJS visits Ironi Careira

Dear WIZO,

During out time in Israel the SAUJS National Team had the privilege of spending the morning at Ironi Careira - the WIZO School for teenagers at risk in Tel Aviv - whilst on our Leadership Development Program. We were given the opportunity to spend time with teenagers who have come from difficult backgrounds in Tel Aviv and its surrounding areas.
These students are brought into the school to learn how to become Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Musicians, Tailors and Hairdressers. They spend two years studying and they are then able to earn an income and make a life for themselves that goes beyond their difficult family and neighbourhood circumstances.

This program is excellent and many of the teenagers who we chatted with made it clear that it has saved their lives and given them the chance to have a real chance to overcome their difficulties. One young man said that he would be a drug dealer on the streets like many of his other friends if the program had not brought him in. The sister of one of the boys told us how her brother made it to the top 6 contestants of X-Factor Israel because the school trained him in his strengths as a musician.

It was an incredible experience to join these teenagers whilst they were in their element. They gave us a lesson on how to do hair, make delicious meals and create Cordon Bleu pastries. All had a ball and it was beautiful to see the impact that this program on these students and moreover the impact it had on us as well. In the few hours that we spent with them, they taught us resilience and strength that goes beyond measure and this is something each and every one of us will continue to carry with us as we lead on our campuses this year.

Thank you so much for affording us the opportunity of a lifetime at Project Ironi Careira.
Kindest Regards,
The SAUJS Nationals team 2014

Historic Victory: Israel Admitted to UN Regional Group after Decades of Exclusion

To Presidents and Chairpersons of World WIZO Federations
Dear friends,

In my capacity as World WIZO President, I am also in charge of Public Affairs & UN & NGO Activities. Therefore it gives me great pleasure to bring a very special event to your attention - :

Historic Victory: Israel Admitted to UN Regional Group after Decades of Exclusion

Up above, Eleanor Roosevelt and Rene Cassin—architects of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and great supporters of Israel — are smiling.

Because yesterday, as the world marked the 65th anniversary of their Declaration, for the first time in history Israel could join the observance of Human Rights Day, as an equal member of the UN Human Rights Council’s regional group system, participating in a basic consultation and nomination process just like every other UN member state.

After decades of discriminatory exclusion—and months of tense negotiations with European countries, last week, Israel was finally accepted into one of the council's regional groups, that of the Western European and Others Group (WEOG). Devoted diplomats from Canada, Britain, France, Germany, the U.S., Australia, and of course NGOs and diplomats from Israel, played a key role in the diplomatic victory.

The other late UN human rights figure who is smiling is Sergio de Mello, the high commissioner who was murdered in Iraq in 2003. Unlike his successor, current high commissioner Navi Pillay, de Mello opposed the UN's anti-Israel bias, and supported Israel's acceptance into a regional group.

Notwithstanding, the UN bias against Israel is not over. It was not the UN or the council that admitted Israel this week, but rather a group of Western democracies. Under the UN's geography-based system, the regional group that should have accepted Israel was the Asian Group. But out of hatred and spite, Arab and islamic countries have barred the Jewish state from exercising its basic rights of participation as a sovereign UN member state. So far, , no UN official has ever called out the Asian states on their diplomatic bigotry.

Moreover, the Human Rights Council continues to institutionalize prejudice with its anti-Israel agenda built into every one of its meetings. Disproportionately, the council continues to target Israel with one-sided resolutions, emergency sessions, and fact-finding missions. Richard Falk, the council’s permanent and pro-Hamas “expert on Palestine,” carries on his self-declared “Legitimacy War” against the Jewish state.

In addition, by the end of this year, the UN General Assembly will have condemned Israel in 21 resolutions—with only 4 on the rest of the world combined.

However, we should celebrate this historic victory against inequality, bigotry and discrimination, and at the same time reaffirm our commitment to struggle—as Eleanor Roosevelt, Rene Cassin, and Sergio de Mello did—against the many gross injustices that remain.

Tova Ben-Dov

World WIZO

Winners of the WIZO Tzedakah Competition

  Weitzmann Primary (CT)
Tzedakah, or charity, is one of the most important mitzvot in Judaism. One of the most powerful forms of charity is person-to-person charity: helping someone and giving them the means to support themselves. Not everyone has the time or the ability to give in this way, but there are those who work tirelessly toward this aim. The many volunteers and workers at WIZO in Israel and all over the world exemplify this commitment to uplifting those in need. Perhaps we do not have the ability to reach out with our time and our skills, but we can perform this mitzva by supporting those who do so on our behalf. Small change in a tin can add up to make a big impact.
This is why WIZO South Africa recently decided to launch a WIZO tzedaka box, sponsored by the Saldanha Group, to bring this spirit of charity into every South African Jewish home. A competition was held for children from across South Africa to design the labels, and entries flooded in. The panel of judges, which included graphic artist Debbie Lubinsky and artist and teacher Merle Maselle, had a tough time selecting the winners of each of the three age categories. Not only did they have to judge the entries on their artistic merit, but also on which best suited the medium. After much deliberation, the three winners were selected and presented with their fantastic prizes which were sponsored by Peerless Trading.
The winners are:
6-9 Years: Lilla Fleischmann (Weizmann Primary, CT)
10-13 Years: Tyra Nackan (Crawford Primary La Lucia, DBN)
14-18 Years: Kayla Drutman (Torah Academy Girls High, JHB)
Yishar koach and congratulations to them all! The tzedakah tins are available from your local WIZO office – get yours today to have your very own connection to Israel right in your home!
Torah Academy Girls High (JHB)  Crawford Primary La Lucia (DBN)

Women's Day - Tamar Lazarus's column (Jewish Report 1 August 2013)

At the recent, very exciting and stimulating President's Conference held in Israel and hosted by President Shimon Peres, one of the prominent guest speakers was AYAAN HIRSI ALI.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia, to a Muslim family in 1969, and spent her growing up years in Africa and Saudi Arabia. She escaped an arranged marriage and what would have been a life of bondage, seeking refuge in Holland. She is a feminist, atheist, activist, writer and politician who is known for her strong views on Women's Rights.

Her brave decision to break away from oppression and lead a more fulfilling life echoes the actions of the women in Israel who flee abuse and sometimes mortal danger to find shelter in WIZO's safe houses. WIZO not only provides shelters for victims of domestic violence, but offers independent housing assistance to women who are ready to leave the shelter. Centres for the prevention and treatment of violence in the family and national hotlines for the prevention of domestic violence and children at risk, are some of the services offered by WIZO in Israel.

An even more famous Women's Rights Activist and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize , recently celebrated her 16th birthday in the freedom of the west where she too has highlighted the conditions in which women in oppressed societies find themselves. MALALA YOUSAFZAL survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban forces while on a bus on her way home from school in Pakistan. Two of her friends were also shot.

In her recent address to the United Nations she stressed the importance of education for all young people .Through education, youth will be able to make more informed decisions about their lives, choose careers and play an important role in uplifting society as a whole.

WIZO Israel's devoted and highly professional staff echo her sentiments exactly and strive to provide a first class education for all their pupils in a nurturing and co-operative environment in the many day-care centres, special-needs schools, career-orientated centres of learning and youth villages throughout Israel. At present the search is on to secure suitable premises for the 5th Neve WIZO House, funded by the generous supporters of WIZO South Africa for children and youth at risk.

As Women's Day approaches, we are very aware of all that is done in South Africa for those who face many serious challenges such as rape, AIDS, abusive relationships, single parenting and the breakdown of traditional and societal checks and balances. Theirs is a monumental task and we salute the organisations and individuals who stand up and make the difference.

We can all make a difference in the lives of those less free, less fortunate, less safe. WIZO strives to lift women up by advancing the status of women, developing leadership among women, advancing legal rights, empowering adolescent girls in distress and providing a mentoring programme for older girls who have successfully left a state of distress and intend to serve as role models for younger girls at risk.

In the words of Nelson Mandela "Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression."

If a member of your family is an active WIZO Johannesburg woman and you would like to honour her in our 100th Birthday Celebration brochure, please contact: Nava 082 789 9118 or gonen@global.co.za before 31 August 2013.

Visit us online at our new WIZO website: www.wizo.co.za

Happy 93rd Birthday WIZO

WIZO SA Shabbat


WIZO Art Competition!


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