"Creating a New Tomorrow"




Our Projects

Neve WIZO:
This project consists of 5 townhouses in Herzlia that provide a warm home and substitute family for children who have been removed from their homes by court order. Each home has its own set of house-parents, who provide the children with a healthy lifestyle, rehabilitative care and as normal a life as possible. The children attend the school in the neighbourhood, and take part in all extra-murals and sports, just like any other normal children. There are 8 or 9 children in each house, ranging in age from 3 to 18, as well as the house-parents’ biological children. The children live in a very nurturing environment and receive all the necessary rehabilitative therapy to empower them to move beyond their problems.
Ironi Cariera:

This is a diagnostic treatment and rehabilitation centre for delinquent youth from dysfunctional homes. Situated in Tel Aviv, the centre offers these youth the opportunity to obtain their matriculation certificates. The youth are taught basic vocational skills in many fields such as hairdressing, videography and cooking. A team of professionals attends to the psychological and emotional needs of these teenagers. The centre is often the "last stop" for young people who have been expelled from all other learning institutions. The youths learn a profession and earn money by baking biscuits, cutting hair, making signage for street signs, and so on. Often they are the only breadwinners in their family. Once they graduate, they receive a certificate from the Israeli Ministry of Labour and are able to earn a living with the skills they have acquired. CLICK ON THE LINK featured on SABC TV: https://youtu.be/Le3YS4mwCoc

Three Day-Care Centres:
These centres provide day-care facilities for hundreds of mothers, new immigrants and children from problematic families as well as ordinary Israeli citizens. In their formative years, the children receive the education, enrichment and care they need. The day-care facilities have an excellent reputation in the country as being the best-run nursery schools and day-care centres. In poorer neighbourhoods, they are often the only source of a hot meal for the children, and the parents are encouraged to come and share the meal with their children. Special programmes have been designed to teach parents how to take care of their babies and older children as well as teaching them how to prepare nutritional meals for their families. Some day-care facilities also have a special section which caters to the needs of autistic children. The three day-care centres are: Chorley DCC in Kfar Saba (our SA Aviv special project), Raya Jaglom DCC in Jerusalem, and Inez Bernstein (Weizman) DCC in Tel Aviv.
Beit Halochem:
Caring and expertly-trained staff supervise innovative therapies which help severely-maimed veterans of Israel’s many wars and victims of terrorist attacks, to rehabilitate them emotionally, psychologically and physically. Beit Halochem has 3 excellently-equipped centres which cater for the whole family, not only the victim. While a father is receiving therapy or being taught how to cope with his disability, the wife could be meeting with a psychologist to help her cope with the problems of living with a person with a disability and the children can play in the playgrounds provided. The centre also has outstanding sporting facilities with coaches who train paraplegic athletes in many different sports.