Why is it so important to the South African nation that we celebrate Youth Day which took place on the 16th of June?This year commemorates the 46th National Youth Day in South Africa. This is the day the country reflects on the sacrifices of the 1976 youth that fought for their freedom during the apartheid era and for the betterment of education. This year’s Youth Month is celebrated under the theme: β€œPromoting sustainable livelihood and resilience of young people for a better tomorrow”. The call to action is for youth to forge resilience and pursue opportunities for a sustainable livelihood, today and in the future.Many South Africans spend Youth Day helping underprivileged children either by donating their time or resources to educating the youth.So what can we learn from the youth and how is this applicable to our WIZO? We need to stand up for what we believe in. There are many issues facing young people today and they should choose to stand firm even when afraid to do so.We have the right to access education. Part of the children’s bill of rights, is the right to education. Everyone has the freedom to study and better themselves.Women can be leaders. They are capable and able of taking on successful leadership roles and should be given more opportunity to do so. Your voice matters. Society makes it hard for us to speak up against the injustices that are experienced. People are criticised for not being active enough or for talking too much. Even with great challenges your voice is powerful enough to evoke change. Your time is now!So how is this applicable to WIZO? We stand up for what we believe in! We ensure that children that are removed by the authorities from dangerous and life-threatening home lives in Israel are placed in safe foster homes. These children are evaluated to determine their needs and then given hope and courage to overcome their past hardships and reach their full potential. Without intervention, these children will fall victim to their circumstances. WIZO is determined not to allow difficult circumstances define the rest of these children’s lives.We also celebrated Father’s Day in June. Father’s Day is a day in which children can express genuine appreciation for their fathers or significant father figures. It is a good opportunity to reflect on the importance of relationships and to realise that none of us can survive in this world without the support of those closest to us. Even those people in our Neve Houses and Day Care Centres, who may come from abused situations are comforted by the support that they receive when taken into our fold and treated with the respect and nurturing they deserve.Perhaps during this time, the fathers and youth of our generation can take time to reflect and face the issues confronting them. The time is now to celebrate each other and show love and care while telling the truth about the realities of life. When we work together and collaborate towards a common goal, we can be more successful at making our voices heard by the world! When we share the same vision and the willingness to work together, we will find it easier to meet our goals!Youth Day is a great day because it reminds us of the power that young people have to create change no matter how small.Young people today are more empowered, more informed, and have the ability to have their voices heard more easily. We need to recruit the younger generation and get them more involved in our WIZO projects. The decisions they make today will directly affect them and our projects in the future. They have the ideas, creativity and the energy. This is what we need to generate positive social change in society.We encourage more of our ladies to get involved in our WIZO projects, to fundraise and support them and to be part of our bigger picture. Volunteering is an act of willingly offering to do a task or work without expecting anything in return. If you’re looking to make a meaningful contribution come on board with WIZO!