People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you sort out which of the three applies to you (a reason, a season or a lifetime) you will know what each person means to you.

The main idea behind the phrase ‘reason, season and lifetime’ is that all relationships, regardless of their length, have some sort of purpose. WIZO however — the Women’s International Zionist Organization — has its reasons and seasons but no matter the reason nor the season, WIZO is very committed to this mission for a ‘lifetime’ and that mission is doing what matters.

The reason: This is when there is a benefit to a short-lived relationship. It may help you with a specific difficulty you’re facing or provide you with guidance and support. Once the issue is solved it is over… it is done. It can be clearly seen in our South African houses in Israel (by the name of Neve WIZO). These are homes for a reason. They are for the children who come from abused homes, under court orders, maybe on drugs or having been subject to conflict or pain. Once they have received all the assistance they need then all has been achieved.

The season: A season is one that lasts for only a while and is similar to the months in the year. Some seasons last longer than others in that some are more severe, some are hot, some are cold, and some are both. A relationship that accompanies you through a certain period of your life, lasts for a time and brings you joy and growth. You might learn a lot from the relationship and it is real, but it does eventually end.This for WIZO is very relevant. Our children come in to our homes, go through school, get their education, may get psychological help if they need it and then go on to the army. It is real while it lasts, and eventually it ends. These children are placed in our homes for a season.

The lifetime: This is when a relationship continues for a lifetime and teaches lifetime lessons. A long-term relationship that lasts a lifetime can aid your growth and teach you more about yourself and the world around you. Sometimes the lifetime is not the person — but what we gain from them for a meaningful life. It is positive and insightful and a guidance throughout our lives.This is what happens to all of us who appreciate and belong to WIZO. This is the relationship to which we are committed. This is the relationship that supports our projects in Israel on an ongoing and lifetime basis. We are committed to this and therefore give our fundraising efforts a lifetime of meaning.

When a donor gets the fulfilment of seeing where their donations are going and how they are being used to sustain our Neve Houses and Day Care Centres, they know this is a lifelong commitment. They are aware of this because these safe places provide a warm and nurturing environment, growth, sustainability and total commitment for all.We often refer to the four seasons and how it affects our well-being.

Autumn is marked as a time of harvest and preparing for the winter ahead. Winter is marked as a long and dreary season. It is a time of inner growth. This represents a time of introspection and the examination of our heart and motives. A time for strengthening and maturing.Spring is marked as a time of cleansing and restoration from the difficult days of winter. A time of transition and re-growth. Summer is marked as a time of extreme dryness and heat and the need to stay replenished within our hearts and souls.

We all try to allow the season that we are in right now to run its full course, whether it is for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Whatever the season, WIZO is there for you and for all the women, children and even men who need her.WIZO enables these human connections and we thank every one of you whose presence in our lives, and that of WIZO, has made a difference.

Rosh Hashanah is the start of the new year and we wish you all a wonderful reason, season and lifetime of joy, fulfilment and peace.