Mother’s Day 14 May 2023

This Sunday, 14 May 2023 is Mother’s Day.  It is a day to express our love and respect towards our mothers and to celebrate them. On this day we honour the contribution of mothers and acknowledge the efforts of maternal bonds and the role that mothers play in our society.  We take this opportunity to not only thank mothers but also grandmothers and women role players who are mothers in their own unique way.

A mother is a selfless, loving human who sacrifices many of her wants and needs for the wants and needs of her children. She works hard to make sure that her children are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make it in life as competent human beings.

Just like our four Matriarchs; Sarah, Rebekah, Leah and Rachel were women of faith that were dedicated to continuing the lineage of the Jewish people, we at the Women’s International Zionist Organisation (WIZO), provide a home environment for women who come from environments of abuse in their own homes, and give them the “mothering” care that they need.  As a mother would give social, emotional and physical independence to a child, so too do our WIZO houses of safety provide this for the women who reside there.  Our WIZO houses of safety and the Safety Net post-shelter supportive program rebuilds their lives beyond violence.  A mother’s love is deep, all-embracing, nurturing and nourishing and here, in our houses of safety, these mothers and their children are guided to navigate life with love due to the support that they receive.

This year WIZO is raising awareness about motherhood and the rights of mothers in Israeli society.  They conducted a survey entitled “What Do Mothers Want?” which revealed the motherhood crisis in Israel in 2023. There is much work to be done and WIZO has taken a stand on domestic violence and is attacking it from every angle by sheltering women and children from immediate danger, helping families rebuild their lives and creating supportive communities to empower women.  By providing this nurturing environment and having house parents in these homes, we see the endearing love much like that of a mother.  

Miriam Makeba, nicknamed Mama Africa, was a South African singer, songwriter, actress and civil rights activist.  She said: “Girls are the future mothers of our society and it is important that we focus on their well-being”. Mothers hold our hands forever and a mom’s hug is the best medicine in the world.  Her love is a bank of never-ending devotion and care for her children and those who need her.  We acknowledge all the little things that our mothers do for us every day and that WIZO does for the battered and at-risk women and children.  

World WIZO, a mothering figure, continues to work toward supporting the well-being of toddlers, children and teenagers, advancing the status of women and strengthening the connection between world Jewry and Israel.

WIZO South Africa wishes all mothers of all kinds a very happy Mother’s Day!

Warm regards,


Shelley Trope-Friedman

President, WIZO South Africa